The park is home to towering red cliffs and some phenomenal swimming holes. Pic: @ParksandWildlifeNT

Umbrawarra is an isolated gorge in the Northern Territory that’s protected by a surrounding conservation park and is characterised by striking red cliffs.

During the dry season, a placid creek flows at the base of the gorge, which transforms into a powerful torrent when engorged with the wet season’s rains.

Umbrawarra Gorge is located around 250km south of Darwin and is just a 115km drive from the regional town of Katherine, ensuring it’s well within range of daytrips for most Territorians and interstate visitors alike.

A walking track follows the creek at water level to a large swimming hole fringed by a sandy beach, which is the perfect spot for a refreshing swim on a hot day.

The remainder of the gorge can only be explored by swimming and wading.


4WDING: Access to the park is recommended for 4WD vehicles only, due to the unsealed, heavily corrugated road.

While the drive in is not technical, conditions can be somewhat rough, particularly after periods of heavy rain.

SWIMMING is very popular in the creek at the base of the gorge, particularly in the beach-fringed waterhole at the end of the walking track.

A WALKING TRAIL follows the creek at the base of the gorge for the first kilometre.


LOCATION: The park is 245km from Darwin and is accessed via the Stuart Highway. Approximately 3km south of Pine Creek you must turn west onto an unsealed road which takes you to the park.

CAMPING: There is a campground available which is equipped with toilets, picnic tables and barbeque facilities.

Campers must provide their own drinking water. Camping fees apply and should be placed directly in the honesty box provided at the campsite.

FUEL is available at Darwin and Katherine.

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