Wooshka: the Go-Everywhere Woodfire Stove

It’s hard being a bloke, isn’t it? We want to go out to the bush, drink, fish, 4WD and still cook like our ancestors did, over an open flame, or in an oven, or on a grill.

The new Wooshka stove can do everything except keep your beer cold and give you permission to leave for the great outdoors every weekend instead of cutting the grass.

Designed around the idea of all-in-one portability, the Wooshka is part firebox, part grill, part stove and, with accessories: a smoker, a baking oven and a camp oven.

It’s portability is what attracted the 4WD Touring team to this nifty little camping buddy initially. Everything packs up inside the firebox, and then into a decent bag so we can take it anywhere on our adventures.

When a man makes a beast of himself, he frees himself from the pain of being a man. But when a man takes a Wooshka along, he frees himself from the pain of being a beast.

Available at most Bunnings stores or get yours here: www.wooshka.net.au

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