Victorinox multi tools and pocketknives have had a place in the centre consoles of our fourbies, in our gear bags and around our campsites since way back.

The makers of the original Swiss Army Knife have a well-deserved rep for building finely engineered products that oftentimes outlast their owners.

But Victorinox ain’t just pocketknives and multitools (although that’s still their bread and butter).

The brand has a whole range of well-designed and exceptionally high quality touring gear that combines sleek design, rugged durability and exceptional functionality.

Here’s five of the best…



The most frequent workout that many pocketknives get is slicing fruit for a beachside picnic snack or dicing veggies for a campfire cook up.

The foldable paring knife is the ideal packaway tool for the job. The wavy blade is finely honed and perfect for slicing veggies (not fingers!).

Available in a range of bright colours that stand out amongst a cluttered campsite and are hard to lose.




The best multi tool is the one that you’re carrying. The Swisscard Lite is slim and compact enough to carry in your wallet, so you’re sure to have it on hand when needed.

Equipped with tweezers, rulers, screwdrivers and even an LED torch, this compact pocket accessory will come in handy more often than you can imagine.




The Minichamp is a nimble, scaled down version of the classic Swiss Army Knife, equipped with 17 functions in a mini but mighty package.

It’s fitted with a key ring and is lightweight and compact enough to carry around on your car keys, so you’ll have it on hand in just about any situation.

From cracking the top off a fireside bottle of vino, digging stones out of your tyre tread or tightening accessories on your 4WD, the Minichamp will earn its place in your pocket in no time.




The last touring bag you’ll ever need to buy. The VX Touring Duffel will have a permanent spot on the passenger seat or in the back of your 4WD, but fits just as well in cramped overhead baggage compartments for interstate adventures.

It’s an easy to carry luggage option with a surprisingly large packing space. Fitted with interior and exterior compression straps to protect whatever gear you’re carrying featuring plenty of interior compartments so you can keep everything packed and sorted just how you like it.




A tough-as-nails touring case that’s built to withstand everything from bumping around in the back of your rig over a million outback corrugations to the most overzealous of airport baggage handlers.

Featuring a slick design (available in dark blue, light blue and orange), butterfly opening system and a range of convenient compartments; this’ll be your go-to carry case whether you’re carting your laptop on an interstate business trip or camera gear on an outback adventure.


Check out Victorinox’s full range of pocketknives, multitools, touring gear and accessories HERE

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