From tradie to tourer in seconds!

Australian aftermarket designer and manufacturer RacksBrax changed the game for touring 4WD owners around the country when they launched their popular HD Hitch.

The clever design allows users to quickly fit and remove awnings, ensuite tents, fishing rod and conduit tubes from their vehicle’s roofs before and after trips.

The idea being that it never made sense to leave these bulky and often expensive items bolted to the tops of our 4WDs 365 days per year, when in reality they might only be in use for a few weeks at a time.

The quick-release hitches allow users to attach or remove bulky items in seconds, and reduce wear and tear on the products themselves.

Stashing away bulky attachments when not in use streamlines your rig while you’re in commuter mode, and even helps to improve your rig’s day-to-day fuel economy.

The HD Wall Mount was another popular addition to the RacksBrax product line up, which allows buyers to simply and securely stash their awnings or other bulky bolt-ons when not in use.

The quick release bracket bodies can be fitted to a garage wall in order to store your awnings/ conduit tubes when not needed on your vehicle.

So what if you’ve already got an awning, ensuite tent, rod holder or more hard mounted to the rooftop of your rig?

Good news!

Retrofitting a RacksBrax HD Hitch to your 4WD is very doable and a simple fix you can do in your driveway, after removing the few bolts holding your existing brackets in place.

Fit up a HD Hitch to your rig + HD Wall Mount in the garage or man cave, and you’ll be wondering why it took so long for someone to come up with a solution this simple and effective.

Check out the RacksBrax HD Hitches HERE

And HD Wall Mounts HERE

Spare parts & accessories available too

More RacksBrax product news coming soon!

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