Tickets to the iconic outback racing event due to go on sale in May!

2020 was a shocker of a year for just about all concerned for just about every reason imaginable.

For the Aussie touring community, it was a bleak year indeed, with events wiped from the calendar left and right. The event was cancelled for only the second time in its storied 139-year history.

In a sign that 2021 is off to a significantly better start, all signs point to races being held on Friday September 3 and Saturday September 4 this year.

According to Birdsville Race Club Vice President Gary Brook, “We’re eight months out form the races, so time is on our side.”

“We’re aiming for a May release of tickets… Things continue to change with COVID, so we’re proceeding with caution. We want to give ourselves and travellers the best chance for certainty when we release tickets.”

“May is the month we usually put tickets on sale, and at this stage we’re hopeful we can stay the course.”

We’re living in a post-COVID world, so in order to pull off large-scale events, it’s necessary for organisers to think differently.

With plenty of time and no shortage of open space on their side, organisers are confident they can pull it off.

For the first time, tickets won’t be available at the gate, and numbers of trackside attendees will also be limited.

If you’re planning a road trip out to Birdsville for the races this year, it’d be wise to monitor their website and social media pages for updates, and to purchase tickets as soon as they’re on sale.

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And keen on eye on the official website for updates, announcements and to purchase tickets once they’re on sale

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