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While Tassie already holds the appeal of the unknown to a lot of mainlanders, Bruny Island ramps this appeal up to another level as a beautifully rugged island lying offshore from Australia’s only island state.

Bruny sits offshore from Tasmania’s southern tip, separated from the rest of the state by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, and is surprisingly located just 75km from Hobart.

Tasmanian tourists and interstate visitors can access Bruny Island via a passenger and vehicle ferry that departs from Kettering, 40km south of Hobart.

Bruny is famous as one of the best spots in the country to catch a glimpse of the aurora australis – the southern lights – but is well worth a visit for those looking to experience its natural bounty.

There are a couple of great campsites on the island, including Neck Beach, Cloudy Bay and Jetty Beach. A campsite located behind the beach at Cloudy Corner, the southern end of Cloudy Beach, is only accessible via 4WD.


4WDING: There are a couple of good beach runs on the island, including the Cloudy Beach run which culminates at a 4WD only campsite at Cloudy Corner. The 9km run between Adventure Bay and Lunawanna along the Coolangatta Road is scenic but gentle.

FISHING from the beaches around the island is possible year-round, but more popular during summer. Australian salmon and flathead can often be caught in good numbers on fresh sourced pippi and mullet baits.

BUSHWALKING: The walk to the Trig station on Mt Mangana from Lunawanna offers scenic views from the top – remember to wear a good pair of hiking boots and carry plenty of water!


LOCATION: 75km from Hobart, Bruny Island is accessed by a passenger and vehicle ferry, which departs regularly from Kettering on the mainland, 40km south of Hobart.

CAMPING is available at Neck Beach, Cloudy Bay, Jetty Beach and Cloudy Corner campgrounds. Camping at these areas is free, although visitors must have a valid National Parks pass. Pit toilets, picnic tables and limited water are provided while visitors are advised to bring their own firewood and drinking water.

FUEL is available on the island and in Hobart.

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