Cape Range NP’s arid shores meet Ningaloo’s turquoise shallows in a vibrant clash.

The distances are big over in the wild west, and as all Perth-based 4WDers would be well aware, its often necessary to rack up a fair few highway miles in order to reach the best spots.

That said, Ningaloo Reef is a true West Australian icon for good reason, and is well worth the thousand odd clicks metro residents need to put behind them to get here.

The famous marine system abuts Cape Range National Park in an explosion of red desert dust, sublime turquoise currents and bone bleached sandy coves.

The reef is one of the finest examples of marine biodiversity showcased anywhere on earth, a veritable aquarium, and the best part is its accessibility, being positioned within easy swimming distance from the shoreline for much of its length.

Cape Range is a stunning spot to experience one of West Oz’s natural treasures. Add in a couple of ripper beach runs, some of the finest sunset viewing spots to be had on the continent and some top shelf coastal campsites and you’ve got yourself a bucket list touring destination.


4WDING tracks wind through the limestone peaks on the eastern side of Cape Range National Park, away from the ocean. The undulating terrain has been shaped by erosion and some of the peaks offer excellent views across the park and out to the reef.

SNORKELLING is a top priority for just about any visitor to Ningaloo, and you really couldn’t pick a better spot to get up close and personal with some marine life.

Turquoise Bay is the number one spot for a bit of up close reef viewing, with easy access, well defined currents and a plethora of gaudily coloured flora and fauna on offer.


LOCATION: 1100km north of Perth via National Route 1.

CAMPING is available within the park at Kurrajong, North Kurrajong, Neds, North Mandu, Osprey Bay, Tulki Creek and Yardie Creek campgrounds for $10 per night.

Bookings should be made online if visiting during peak holiday times in order to avoid disappointment, head online to for more info.

FUEL is available at Exmouth and Carnarvon.

MORE INFO is available at

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