Coffin Bay locals roam free along the sparsely populated coastline. Pic:

While interstate visitors probably only known of Coffin Bay as the home of Australia’s finest oysters, South Oz locals are privy to its natural spoils.

The Coffin Bay National Park is without doubt home to some of the prettiest and most varied landscapes in the state, and it’s relative isolation only helps to preserve its pristine beauty.

Located just to the west of the seafood capital of Port Lincoln, access for metro residents is invariably tricky.

Travellers departing via Adelaide must first drive north to Port Augusta at the top of the Spencer Gulf before journeying south to Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay at the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula.

The extended highway journey is all worth it upon arrival, as visitors to the park are greeted by white sand, gin-clear water, healthy fish stocks and idyllic surf breaks – all the ingredients for a pretty epic spot for a beach holiday!

If you plan on spending a bit of time in the water it’s best to plan your visit for summertime, as Southern Ocean temperatures can dip between icy cold and freezing during winter.


4WDING is on offer right throughout the park, with a fantastic coastal drive traversing sandy, rutted tracks, open beaches and even the odd shallow water crossing.

Travelling in convoy is recommended due to the remote nature of some parts of the park.

SURFING is a popular with a couple of challenging, slabbing reef breaks dotted along the park’s coastline – beware of powerful groundswells and toothy wildlife!

FISHING is unsurprisingly a big winner in these parts. The rich southern waters are home to big snapper and groper as well as some seriously plus-sized mulloway.

Keen divers can have at the local populations of crays and abalone, but should ensure they’re well aware of local regulations.


LOCATION: The circuitous 685km from Adelaide takes around seven hours – enough to deter plenty of less hardy souls.

Due to the considerable travel time, metro visitors should make sure they’ve got at least a long weekend at their disposal when visiting.

CAMPING on unpowered sites is available at Yangie Bay, Black Springs, Bin Yangie, Morgans Landing and The Pool campgrounds. All campgrounds are equipped with only basic amenities, and travellers should carry in their own drinking water.

FUEL is available at Coffin Bay Township and Port Lincoln.

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