The quintessential Queensland coastal getaway. Pic: fraser-tours.com

When you’re talking epic beach runs – and there’s really no better way to spend a weekend than visiting your favourite – then Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach warrants a mention every time.

This stunning coastal route is, as its name might suggest, a full 75 miles or 120km in length. It’s located on Fraser Island’s east coast and, apart from the practically endless sand driving, you’ll be able to stop off at some of Fraser’s most famous landmarks, including the Maheno shipwreck, the Champagne Pools and Indian Head.

With mainland barge access points located at Rainbow Beach and River Heads, just 240km and 300km north of Brisbane respectively, it’s certainly possible for all southeast Queensland residents to pick a window of good weather and nip over to Fraser for a weekend of fun in the sun.


4WDING on 75 Mile Beach is legendary, although remember that this stretch of sand is legally considered a gazetted road with a speed limit of 80km per hour, so expect to see police out and about enforcing speed limits and performing breath tests during busy holiday periods.

THE MAHENO WRECK is quite possibly Fraser’s most recognisable sight, and it’s certainly worth stopping for a quick photo opportunity, particularly if it’s your first visit.

The Maheno was driven ashore during a cyclone in 1935 and is still rusting away on 75 Mile Beach about 10km north of Happy Valley.

THE CHAMPAGNE POOLS are located on 75 Mile Beach between Waddy Point and Indian Head and are easily the best spot for a dip on the east coast of Fraser.

The open beaches of Fraser’s east coast are home to a plethora of hazards including stingers, sharks and strong currents, to put your mind at ease and factor in a relaxing swim in the island’s premier natural jacuzzi.


LOCATION: 360 km north of Brisbane, 75 Mile Beach is just 60km from the River Heads access point near Hervey Bay on the mainland.

CAMPING is available at a number of campgrounds off 75 Mile Beach including Waddy Point, Dundubara and Cathedrals on Fraser. All campsites must be booked before arriving on the island – head to www.nprsr.qld.gov.au to book online.

FUEL is available on the island at Orchid Beach, Happy Valley and Eurong, but tends to be overpriced. Fill up on the mainland at Hervey Bay, Maryborough or on the Bruce Highway.

MORE INFO is available at www.nprsr.qld.gov.au

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