Glorious beachside camping in Yuraygir National Park. Pic: national

Not many coastal campgrounds in New South Wales require a full-scale water crossing of a tidal creek for access. In fact, Pebbly Beach, just to the north of Coffs Harbour, is the only one that springs to mind.

The creek crossing is actually dead simple at low tide, and when driven carefully is well within the capabilities of most 4WDs and drivers.

That certainly doesn’t account for everyone though, as some drivers attempt to plough straight through the deep section of the creek and get into trouble from time to time.

The beach fronting the campground is, you guessed it, lined with pebbles, and it’s a great spot to cool off in summer, go for a surf or wet a line.

The sites are flat, grassy and well spaced out and have provision for campfires – what more could you want?


4WDING: access to the Pebbly Beach campground is via a long beach run from Red Rock in the south, but the most notable driving feature of the area is the water crossing at the mouth of Station Creek. Definitely worth waiting until low tide to make a crossing.

FISHING is pretty average in the shallow creek, but some great catches are made from the surf beach right in front of the campground. Whiting, flathead and the occasional jewfish are caught in summer, whereas bream, tailor and Aussie salmon are most prevalent in winter.


LOCATION: 55km north of Coffs Harbour, and 587km north of Sydney.

CAMPING is at a premium here due to the great facilities and comfortable sites, but luckily the 4WD only access deters a lot of casual punters. Well worth the effort to get out here.

FUEL is available in Coffs Harbour.

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