The rutted route to Boggy Hole. Pic:

Okay, the name might not conjure up images of an idyllic holiday setting, but trust us; it’s worth a visit out here.

Located in the Finke River Gorge, the campsite at Boggy Hole is the gateway to exploring the whole Finke Gorge National Park.

The park is a bit of a hike for metro Darwinians, but just a little over an hour’s journey for Alice Springs dwellers.

There are actually some pretty hardcore tracks networking the park, so it’s strongly recommended to time your visit to coincide with the dry season months and allow river levels to drop and the mud to start allowing some semblance of traction.

There’s a permanent billabong located right by the campground, which is perfect for a cool dip after a morning on the tracks.


4WDING is on offer all throughout the national park. Some of the best steep and slippery sections of track are located in the immediate vicinity of the campground. Don’t forget to pack a shovel, set of MAXTRAX and plenty of patience.

SWIMMING is possible in the cool waters of the billabong right across from the campground. There are no saltwater crocs out here, so you can take an afternoon dip without worrying about becoming anyone’s lunch.


LOCATION: 134km west of Alice Springs, access is via National Highway 87 and Larapinta Drive.

CAMPING is available at the Boggy Hole campground. Facilities are minimal and visitors should carry in drinking water and be otherwise self-sufficient.

FUEL is available at Alice Springs.

MORE INFO is available at

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