Century Batteries keeps it real in 2020, boosting Aussie production, locking down local jobs and giving back to consumers with incredibly long warranties.


2020 has been a weird old year, full of uncertainty on a lot of fronts. So when a feel good story rolls around, it’s worth giving credit where it’s due.

Century Batteries has had the Aussie auto battery manufacturing industry on lock for nearly a full century.

These days, the company employs over 600 Australians, and keep the rest of the country equipped with the best batteries on the market via 35 distribution centres nationally, plus a state of the art manufacturing facility.

During a time when a lot of companies that hang their hat on their homegrown manufacturing cred have been wavering, Century Batteries have doubled down.

Just last month, the company unveiled its new state-of-the-art plate making machine, which will increase battery production by 20% to over 1.3 million batteries a year.

Proving they had more up their sleeve, this week the company unveiled a range of enhancements including new branding along with extended warranties across much of the Century portfolio.

This means the high selling Ultra Hi Performance car and passenger vehicle range will now come with a 40-month warranty (up from 36 months) and the increasingly popular Idle Stop Start AGM range are now backed by a 36-month warranty (up from 24 months).

Century marketing boss Andrew Bottoms said that while the latest expansion was dual fold in its ambitions: to improve and upgrade the factory and double down on the company’s manufacturing footprint, it was critical there was something in it for consumers.

“That meant a commitment to Australians, that they could buy a homegrown battery, designed and made here for our extreme conditions,” he explained.

“We listened to the people and the extended warranties was the result.”

As part of the new initiative, Century Batteries has undertaken a full-scale review of all product categories, resulting in big changes and some new product introductions.

Latest additions to the Century lineup include new DIN EFB products for the growing Stop/Start vehicle market, a series of new 4×4 specific DIN and NS70 products to service the 4WDing market, plus a new range of sealed, maintenance-free deep cycle power cells.

Get behind an Aussie manufacturing icon and equip your rig with the best batteries on the planet, while taking advantage of the best after sale warranties you’ll come across anywhere!

Check out the Century Batteries range HERE

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