New power pack allows totally portable use of your ARB fridge.

ARB has just released a new power pack that allows you to go mobile and truly get the most out of your ARB fridge.

The new ARB Fridge Freezer Power Pack plugs into your fridge and allows it to have a life outside of your 4WD.

Whether this means a picnic of barbeque on the beach, a trip out in the tinny or a fishing trip out on a jetty or down by the river, this handy piece of kit will seriously boost the amount of day to day use you get out of your 12V fridge.

The new power unit is equipped with a compact 15Ah lithium battery, which means the entire unit not only looks slick and low profile, but weighs in at just 1.65kg in order to remain truly portable.

What’s truly impressive about this new offering from ARB is that the new power pack can provide a whopping 18 hours of charge for your fridge. This means that genuine full-daytrips away from a more permanent power source are now a realistic proposition.

Featuring user-friendly and ultra streamlined power on/off operation, the new ARB power packs will fully charge from flat in 5-6 hours via 240V mains power.

The new units are compatible with ARB Classic Series I & II, Zero and Elements fridges and feature rubberised magnets that will attach directly to the side of the Zero and Elements fridges.

RRP $399 and available October 2020.

Check ‘em out here

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