Dirk Hartog’s pristine dunes. Pic: dirkhartogisland.com

Dirk Hartog Island is a fair old hike up the coast from Perth, but it’s one of those trips that is so, so worth it.

The isle is positioned directly offshore from Steep Point, the mainland’s most westerly point, and is accessible via a 15 minute ride on a single vehicle barge.

The efforts required to reach your destination will melt from your memory the moment your tyres roll off the barge and bite into the island’s hard packed white gravel shores.

Parts of the island are accessible via a network of 4WD tracks, the majority is totally pristine and can be explored if you’re willing to make your own way.

The fishing out here is as spectacular as anywhere in the world. Huge Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, dhufish and spangled emperor are hooked metres from shore on baits and lures. Seriously, get here.


4WDING: The island is criss-crossed by a network of tracks that provide access to all the best beaches, bays and headlands.

Tracks are for the most part hard packed sand with some corrugations, although there are a few rocky sections. There are also several beach runs open to driving.

FISHING is one of the primary facets of the Dirk Hartog Island experience, and the most popular species seem to bite best between May and July. This is also the most comfortable time of year to visit the island, when winds are lower and the daytime temperatures are mild.


LOCATION: 900km north of Perth, access is via National Route 1 and a 15 minute single vehicle barge ride from Steep Point.

CAMPING is available at the well facilitated homestead camping ground, or at the much more basic National Park campgrounds. Campers visiting the National Park campgrounds must be fully self sufficient, carrying in, and out, all supplies including water.

FUEL is not available on the island, so make sure you fill up on the mainland.

MORE INFO is available at www.dirkhartogisland.com.au

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