Jimny re-released in European markets as commercial vehicle with increased cargo space.


The new Jimny’s revised kerb weight of 1090kg ensures it remains the ultimate beach driving weapon.

Despite steady demand and strong sales in all markets, the 2019 Suzuki Jimny was bumped from European markets in recent months for failing to comply with strict EU emissions regulations.

An EU ruling states that all new car models must emit no more than 95 grams of C02 per kilometre, while the Jimny is said to discharge somewhere in the region of 150 per click.

Suzuki has managed to skirt the regulations with the launch of a new variant of the popular, compact offroader.

The new two-seat Jimny has been reclassified as a commercial vehicle, allowing it to fall outside of the strictures of the newly tightened CO2 regulations.


Removal of the two rear seats allows for a total storage capacity of 863L for the new two-seat model.

In creating the new ‘commercial’ Jimny, Suzuki has done away with the previous model’s two rear seats, transforming the rear of the vehicle into a larger, more versatile cargo space.

The new EU compliant twin seat Jimny has a total storage capacity of 863L – a grand 33L increase over the four-seater variant (when its rear seats are folded flat).

The new version is propelled by the same 1.5L petrol powerplant showcased in the previous Jimny, meaning its output of 75kW/130Nm remains unchanged.

When we put a four-seater Jimny through its paces on an extended east coast roadtrip back in June, we found it to be an exceptionally capable, compact yet lively lightweight 4WD wagon that ticked plenty of boxes for new vehicle buyers.

In our eyes, most prospective purchasers looking at a Jimny for touring purposes would have scant need for a pair of rear seats, and would likely appreciate the extra storage space afforded by their removal.

Should Suzuki Australia offer the new two seat Jimny down under as a touring spec variant?

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