One of Perth’s nearest faraway places. Pic: parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au

Jurien Bay is one of those spots that oftentimes get driven past by travellers planning more ambitious expeditions up the west coast. It’s only a little over 200km north of Perth, just past Cervantes, and can be reached in less than three hours from the western capital.

This spot is unbeatable if you’re craving a straight up beach getaway. It’s just perfect for camping in the dunes, cruising the beaches, casting a line behind the breakers or going for a dip in the surf. Talk about good livin’!

The campground here is basic but offers everything you need. Be aware that the word is getting out about this spot, and the basic campground can be at full capacity during peak holiday times.


4WDING is on offer on the endless beach runs as well as a network of narrow sandy tracks that lead to a couple of alternate 4WD access only campsites.

FISHING is possible from the beach out front of the campground with an array of species on offer. Aussie salmon are a staple catch out here, and whiting turn up in better numbers during summer.


LOCATION: 238km north of Perth, access is via National Route 1.

CAMPING can be at a premium during busy holiday times and long weekends. Plan to arrive early to secure your spot. A small fee is payable daily via honesty box or otherwise the caretaker comes around to collect fees each morning.

FUEL is available in Perth.

MORE INFO is available at www.visitpinnaclescountry.com.au

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