Hey Adam,

I’ve decided to make the commitment with a set of BFG rubber, but I am unsure of going for the All Terrains or the Mud Terrains. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Can you please advise on what you reckon might be better suited? I do a trip roughly every month but don’t go crazy offroad.

Thank you,



Hi David,

It really depends on what type of driving you are doing. If you’re going on a trip every month then you really are using it fairly often. Obviously the All Terrain is suited for more on-road use, whereas the muddies are for more offroad suited.

I have run both in the past and I am currently running the BFG KM2 tyres. However, I do have to say that a few of my mates run the All Terrain KO2 and use their 4WDs similar to you – a trip every month or so.

I find that they get great mileage out of them and to be honest I really haven’t gone anywhere that they couldn’t. I also notice that the All Terrains are much quieter than my Muddies.

I run the All Terrains on my wife’s Prado and I do have to say that they go great. They have solid grip on the road and they are fairly quiet which is what I was concerned about. She also likes them as well, which makes my life a lot easier.

If you’re worried about the offroading capabilities of All Terrains, then don’t be, they go great pretty much everywhere, giving you the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Hope that helps.



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