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Stuck in smoggy Sydney and jonesing for a straight up beach run? Blacksmiths Beach has is just the ticket.

A mere 135km north of Sydney city, Blacksmiths is the first stretch of coastline out of the capital where you can drop your tyre pressures and get some sand ‘tween your tread.

The somewhat lesser known cousin of nearby Stockton, Blacksmiths receives a little less traffic, but is every bit as splendid.

For a long time all offroad action on Blacksmiths Beach went down pretty much unregulated, however the Belmont Wetlands State Park have implemented a permit system that has been in effect in recent years.

Weekly, monthly and yearly passes are now available from local outlets, and you don’t want to get caught out without one as stiff fines can be issued on the spot.


4WDING is allowed on the stretch of coastline between Red Head and Blacksmiths. Vehicle access is limited to the beach itself, the two access points and tracks that are maintained by the Belmont Wetlands State Park.

FISHING the sandy gutters that litter the beach is perennially popular and solid hauls of sand whiting, bream and dart are the reward for soaking a fresh beach worm or pippi bait.

During the cooler winter months, tailor and Australian salmon are prolific and can be reliably targeted on metal slugs or pilchard baits.


LOCATION: Blacksmiths Beach is located 135km north of Sydney and is around two hours drive north of the CBD. Follow the Pacific Highway north before taking the Swansea exit to Blacksmiths Beach.

CAMPING areas are not specifically designated on Blacksmiths Beach, although according to the Belmont Wetlands State Park website, camping in front of the dune area is preferable and visitors must not camp amongst the wetland area.

PERMITS are required to drive on the beach at Blacksmiths and weekly permits are available for $33, monthly permits cost $44 and annual permits are available for $88.

Permits can be purchased from the Metro Redhead petrol station, Third Creek bait and tackle shop and the Belmont Golf Club.

FUEL is available in Swansea, Newcastle and on the Pacific Highway.

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