Shady Camp during the run-off season is where fishing dreams come true. Pic:

A visit to the notorious Shady Camp is renowned around the country as perhaps your best bet for getting connected to a truly huge wild barramundi.

The renowned fishing camp is located on the Mary River and draws in hordes of hopeful fishos from every corner of the country each season.

It’s little wonder the punters keep coming back, as some truly tremendous hauls of Australia’s premier sportfish are pried from these waters each season.

The Mary River National Park is located 150km east of Darwin and is well within range of daytrips from the state capital.

The park is accessible during the dry season, from May through October, and is accessed via the Arnhem Highway. Some of the roads in the area are unsealed, which can result in closures after periods of heavy rain.


4WDING throughout the park is pretty standard and gentle during the dry season, although the corrugations are as inescapable as everywhere else in this part of the world.

Conditions change quickly after heavy rain and road closures are common throughout the wet season.

FISHING is the primary objective of most of the travellers plying the park’s waters, and they’ve generally got eyes for just the one species.

The mighty barra is the focus for most visitors, and the bulk of catches are taken on traditional divers like Bombers and Reidys B52s, as well as spinnerbaits and soft plastics cast into the snags.


LOCATION: Approximately 190km east of Darwin, the park is accessed via the Arnhem Highway.

CAMPING is available within the park at Couzens Lookout and Shady Camp. Toilets are provided but visitors are advised to bring their own firewood and drinking water.

FUEL is available at Darwin.

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