The latest addition to ARB’s Intensity lighting legacy packs a punch!

Any 4WDer with a modicum of touring experience beneath their belt must have a nuanced appreciation for the importance of quality driving lights.

A top shelf aftermarket driving light setup is truly a game changer for any touring rig, in many more ways than one.

Not only do quality driving lights bring comfort to the nocturnal driving experience, they add an undeniable level of safety, helping to mitigate animal strikes and collisions of all sorts, and allowing hard core tourers the freedom to clock up highway and offroad miles well into the wee hours.

As the first manufacturer to introduce round offroad LED driving lights to the touring public, ARB have been trendsetters in the field of aftermarket lighting since day dot.

The new Intensity Solis is a nine-inch driving light fitted with 36 OSRAM LEDs.

ARB’s in-house team of engineers have concentrated their R&D on refining the Solis’s optics, while focusing the maximum amount of light into a controlled beam and removing flat spots to provide a supreme lighting experience.



A pair of Intensity Solis spotlights has been measured to output one lux at 1,462 metres to NATA industry standards.

These things are indeed so bright that the design team thoughtfully equipped them with a dimmer control that allows the user to incrementally adjust the brightness to suit conditions.

Users of ARB’s vehicle accessory interface LINX will be able to fully integrate the new Solis lights with an optional controller harness that’s gone through the final rounds of testing and will be on sale in September.

The improved colour temperature of the Solis lights has been specially adjusted to reduce eyestrain and fatigue when ploughing through long haul highway missions.

Each light is encased in a robust die cast aluminium body, which acts as a heat sink to allow temperature dissipation and keep the LEDs performing at maximum level even on marathon drives.



ARB Intensity Solis driving lights come in spot and flood variants and will set you back $349 each. Check ‘em out HERE

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