Sandy stretches abound within Beachport Conservation Park. Pic:

Beachport is verging on perfection, as far as coastal escapes out of Adelaide go.

The conservation park is located 380km southeast back towards the Victorian border and is an example to visitors of how idyllic southern coastal life can be.

In the summer months, this place is humming with holidaying families, here to lap up the sandy perfection.

If you make a trip out here in the off-season, you can still score some unreal beach fishing and the sand driving is as grand as ever. Be sure to appreciate the wonderful scenery and array of birdlife, even if it is a bit chilly for a swim.

The campsite is set just back from the beach and is well equipped, so you’ll want to get in and book your site early if planning a summertime foray to these parts.


4WDING: The Beachport to Robe drive is a national treasure. The track is in two sections from Beachport to Nora Creiana and through Little Dip Conservation Park on to Robe.

You’ll need to traverse around 50km of beachfront and soft sandy tracks, but the scenery is glorious and this is a bonafide bucketlist drive.

FISHING: Some monster mulloway are taken from the deeper gutters along this stretch of coast each year. Try big squid, mullet and tailor baits if you want to get your arms stretched.

Aussie salmon are a more willing target and can be taken year round on whole pilchard baits and metal slices cast behind the surf zone.


LOCATION: 380km southeast of Adelaide, access is via the Princes Highway.

CAMPING is available within the Beachport Conservation Park at the Three Mile Bend campground, which is equipped with toilets and picnic tables. Visitors must carry in their own drinking water and firewood, as firewood collection is not allowed within the park.

FUEL is available in Beachport, Robe and Kingston SE.

MORE INFO is available at

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