Recipe by Wendy Andrews.

For a meal to meet our lofty standards, it’s gotta be dead simple to prepare…

It’s gotta be even easier to clean up, and it’s got to taste so good your eyeballs roll back in your head.

This tasty take on a campfire staple was submitted by longtime reader Wendy Andrews, and after putting her recipe to the test last weekend on a Blue Mountains winter evening, we’ve got to say she knocked this one out of the park.

While toasted jaffles are a mainstay of camping fare, it’s reasonable to say that they can, at times, be a little bland. Not so in this case. A fistful of molten mozzarella, slathered with tomato paste, diced ham and a dusting of oregano elevate this dish to new heights.



Four slices of bread


A cup of shredded mozzarella cheese

Jar of tomato paste

Half a cup of sliced black olives

Four slices of ham diced finely

Dried oregano to season



~ Butter each slice of bread, each side, and place butter-down in iron.

~ Spread tomato paste evenly on the inside of each slice of bread

~ Evenly spread half a cup of shredded mozzarella onto two slices

~ Add half of the olives and half of the diced ham

~ Season to taste with dried oregano and seal your jaffle iron

~ Toast over the coals for 10 minutes, turning your jaffle iron over half way

~ Crack open your jaffle iron and enjoy.


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