Revolutionise your rooftop storage game NOW!

Big developments and major shifts in technology only come around once in a while in the world of rooftop storage. That’s why it’s such a big deal when a new product hits the market that really moves the needle.

ARB have been at the forefront of the offroad aftermarket game for over four decades, and their tried and tested range of steel and alloy tubular roof racks and platforms are the standard against which new products are judged.

After years of R&D, ARB’s team of engineering wizards has whipped back the veil on a truly exciting new product: the all-new BASE Rack.

The most notable and exciting thing about the BASE Rack is that it manages to combine the best of both worlds.

Featuring a fully welded, extruded aluminium design, with horizontal beams that run the width of the vehicle, the BASE Rack boasts the formidable strength and robustness of a steel rack, at a mere fraction of the weight.




The welded design and sturdy cross beams eliminate the need for a sub frame, allowing the low profile rack to sit closer to your rig’s roof.

Not only does it looks slick and integrate seamlessly with the overall look of modern 4WD vehicles, the intelligent design cuts back on unnecessary overall vehicle height when driving around unloaded.

The BASE Rack was designed from the ground up to form the basis of your rig’s smart storage system. The dovetail system integrated between the internal and perimeter beams offers incredible flexibility for attaching a wide range of accessories.

The system is supremely configurable. It can be run as a totally flat platform, or can accommodate upper rails, front and side rails or a full storage basket.

ARB factory accessories including wind deflectors, guard rails, eye-bolt and spring loaded tie down points, awning brackets, Hi-Lift jack holders, roller kits, recovery track, gas bottle holders and jerry can holders, T-slot adaptors and more can be clamped and removed without needing to slide hardware down an extrusion.

The rack is available in multiple lengths and widths in order to fit most popular 4WD makes and models, and features a sturdy extrusion that allows wiring along the length of the rack for lighting and other electrical accessories.

This is a proper heavy-duty roof storage system for touring in the modern age. Each beam can individually support over 20kg of cargo, but the smart design and mounting system works to spread the load across multiple slats.

The lightweight design allows more cargo to be carried without exceeding roof load limits, and the air dam ensures a low noise, comfortable touring experience.

Available in the following sizes/ specs:

1255mmL x 1155mmW 12.7kg
1255mmL x 1285mmW 14.3kg
1545mmL x 1285mmW 17.1kg
1835mmL x 1155mmW 18.5kg
1835mmL x 1285mmW 19.9kg
2125mmL x 1285mmW 22.8kg

Check out the BASE Rack and full range of accessories at

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