Wilbinga’s a sandy offroad fun park. Pic: scoop.com.au

Just about the closest range sand driving fix you’re gonna find within cooee of a state capital. Wilbinga’s located just 70 clicks north of Perth, between Two Rocks and Guilderton.

This place is a sand-driving fun park. Aside from the popular beach runs, there’s a couple of tracks snaking inland to be explored, as well as three separate dune areas where drivers can hone their sand driving skills.

Wilbinga’s ideal for a summer daytrip at the beach due to its proximity to town. Head further down the beach and find a quiet stretch to soak up the rays and enjoy a dip in the ocean.

Remember to keep an eye out for passing beach traffic as this area does tend to draw in the crowds through the peak of the summer holiday season.


4WDING: If the beach runs aren’t doing it for you, head over to one of the three dune areas to up the ante. The smaller sand hills are the place to build confidence before working up to challenging some of the steeper slopes.

Fitting a sand flag to your rig is recommended for safety before venturing into the dunes to improve visibility.

FISHING: There’s some surprisingly good surf fishing to be had in these parts, so long as you can get find yourself an isolated gutter to have a cast.

Tailor are sometimes taken in big numbers on gang hooked pilchard baits, while some big mulloway are known to patrol behind the breakers at night.


LOCATION: 70km north of Perth, between Two Rocks and Guilderton.

CAMPING: Camping is not allowed at Wilbinga itself, although camping is allowed further north at Sandy Cape near Jurien Bay if you plan on exploring the area over several days.

FUEL is available at Perth, Two Rocks and Guilderton.

MORE INFO is available at www.mooreriverregion.com.au

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