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Live in Brissie, desperate to get the fourbie out for a spin, but only have a single day’s leave pass to cash in? Say no more.

The Condamine River Track is an 85km route that’s become a bit of a cult favourite as the start point is less than 100km from town – well within range of a day’s strike mission!

The terrain is fairly tame for the most part, but the highlight is that the old bullock wagon route the track follows crosses the Condamine River no less than 14 times.

Unless there’s been a recent heavy downpour, most crossings are shallow and stress free, but can provide a good opportunity for inexperienced drivers to build river crossing experience.

Factor in a pit stop at Queen Mary Falls for a bite to eat and to check out the 400m torrent. There’s a campground here and another at Koreelah Creek if you fancy pulling an overnighter.


4WDING: Water crossing safety is top priority. In dry conditions, there are often just a few inches of water to ford at most crossings. Heavy rain can cause the river to swell and some crossings can be over car bonnet level.

QUEEN MARY FALLS: The 400m falls are definitely a highlight of a trip out to Condamine River, although you’ll need to factor in a 2km hike from the track to view the falls.


LOCATION: The start point of the track at Boonah is just 85km from Brisbane, although from the end point at Killarney it’s 180km back into town.

CAMPING : Unmarked, unpowered sites are available at a basic National Parks campground at Koreelah Creek for just $6 per adult per night. The commercial campground at Queen Mary Falls offers full facilities for around $25 per night.

FUEL is available in Brisbane, Ipswich and Boonah.

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