Bring this thing to Oz with a diesel donk!

The new Bronco two and four door models are clear rivals to the Jeep Wrangler Limited and Unlimited variants.

Images of the new Ford Bronco have begun doing the rounds ahead of its 2021 US release.

This is the latest in a series of throwback retro-stylised offroad vehicles that has seen automakers combining old school steez with modern performance.

While Toyota may have instigated the trend with the introduction of their FJ Cruiser back in 2010, Suzuki kicked it up a notch with the launch of their latest Jimny in 2019 (keep your eyes peeled for comprehensive review coming soon!).

Ford’s new Bronco reveal takes the retro 4WD SUV craze to new heights. The range is set to include two and four door variants, as well as the more compact Bronco Sport.

In sad news for Aussie 4WDers, intel coming out of the Ford camp suggests that the Bronco is only slated to be produced in left hand drive, and there are no plans to bring it to Australia or any other right hand drive market at this stage.


The new Bronc draws on a rich North American offroad history. Wouldn’t you love to take that classic blue model for a spin!

The Bronco nameplate has deep roots in North American offroad culture, with the original Model first going on sale back in 1966, and the last Bronco rolling off the Ford factory floor in ‘96.

It only takes a quick glance at the aesthetics of the Bronco in the new marketing images to tell that this is Ford’s attempt to square up to Jeep and edge the Wrangler out of some share of their domestic SUV market.

The two-door Bronco is built atop a shorter, compact wheelbase, while the four-door variant has seating for five and is constructed around a longer wheelbase.

The two models appear to be fairly close matches aesthetically and space-wise to the Jeep Wrangler Limited and Unlimited variants respectively.



Looks pretty schmick to us – but did they put the steering wheel on the wrong side..?

Although we’re merely going off the likes of pre-launch marketing images at this stage, it sure looks as though the Ford team haven’t held much back when it comes to pimping out the Bronco’s interior.

The images show multiple models equipped with different interior set ups, some of which show colour palettes that are a clear homage to the original 1960s models.

It’s likely that buyers will be able to select from a range of interior styling options, which may differ depending on variant.

The Bronco is set to be equipped with a 12-inch infotainment display set front and centre within the boxy, utilitarian dash. The unit is said to be optimised for offroad use and to allow users to chart, view and share details on offroad tracks.

The minimalist design aesthetic continues throughout, although each variant in the range is said to be equipped with dual-zone air-conditioning as well as a push-button start.



What a stance! The new Bronco surely means business.

The design team was obviously hit with a clear brief to design a legit offroad beast without cutting any corners. The Bronco is said to offer an impressive 249mm of ground clearance as stock, as well as 43.2° approach, 29° rampover, and 37.2° departure angles.

The Bronco is equipped straight from the factory with Dana 44 differentials at front and rear, and Ford are claiming that each Bronco variant will be available direct from factory with upgraded 35-inch tyres!

While the rear axle is live and coil sprung, the Bronco is equipped with independent front suspension that appears to be a similar setup to the popular Ranger Raptor.

Another welcome tidbit of info we’ve heard is that the Bronc is set to be offered with locking front and rear diffs from factory.

While Ford opted to use Fox brand offroad shocks when designing the Ranger Raptor, it appears that they’ve switched supplier and the Bronco is set to be fitted with Bilstein Offroad Dampers.



No two ways about it, this is a rig built for having some serious offroad fun.

From what we’ve heard, the Bronco won’t be lacking for power, being equipped with Ford’s EcoBoost 2.7L petrol powerplant, with output figures of 231kW and 542Nm being bandied about. Buyers will be able to select from either a 7-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission.

The Bronco is also said to be equipped with a modern terrain management system known as GOAT (Go Over Any Terrain).

Now just imagine that they brought this beast down under and offered it for sale with a modern turbo diesel engine!

Is the new Bronco a yay or nay for you?

And should they bring it down under?

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