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Alright city slicker, fancy a little taste of the real Wild West? Ninghan Station is the real deal. A proper working outback station whose owners have decided to open their doors to welcome tourists to check out and stay at their property.

The station is spread across a huge 200,000 hectares and is 380km to the north of Perth. Perhaps a touch far for an overnight visit, but perfect for a long weekend trip, or whenever you can manage to string three or four days off in a row.

There’s plenty to see and do out here to keep you engaged, so we’d recommend factoring in enough time to see the sights, settle in and enjoy the experience. The station is run and managed by the Bell family, who should be contacted on (08) 9963 6517 prior to visiting.


4WDING: The station is bound by a network of dirt roads and unsealed tracks, albeit mostly on the gentler side. The best drive in the area is out to Mount Singleton, where you’ll encounter a couple of trickier sections, particularly if there’s been any rain.

MOUNT SINGLETON rises over 700m above sea level and is the highest point on the station. Make your way to the summit for a cracker of a view.


LOCATION: Ninghan Station is located 380km north of Perth and is accessed via the Great Northern Highway.

CAMPING is available within the station, contact the station manager by phone for more information.

FUEL is available at Paynes to the north and Wubin to the south.

MORE INFO is available by contacting the station manager on (08) 9963 6517.

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