Cape Range’s Mesa Beach camp. Pic:

You’ve got to put in the miles to earn your smiles out west, as they say… or maybe I just made that up. Either way, this spot is definitely worth the long hike up the coast for Perthlings.

You’re looking at a thousand-odd kilometre highway marathon to hit Cape Range National Park, but you’ll forget all that in a second once you pull up and clock your eyes on the place.

The park is located right where the dusty red desert collides with the white sandy beach fronting the world famous Ningaloo Reef. You’ve seen the photos, red desert meets white sand and turquoise ocean, now come get a load of the real deal.

It’s worth it for the chance to wade out to and snorkel the glorious Ningaloo Reef, which for the most part is within swimming distance of the shoreline. Throw in a few cracker beach drives, plenty of great spots to wet a line and front row seats to the daily Indian Ocean sunset light show and you’ve got yourself a bucket list touring destination.


4WDING tracks wind through the limestone peaks on the eastern side of the park, away from the ocean. The craggy peaks offer awesome views out over the reef and some pearler photo ops.

SNORKELLING should be at the top of your agenda on a visit out here, it’s that good. Turquoise Bay is the number one spot for a bit of up close reef viewing, with easy access, well defined currents and a textbook’s worth of rainbow coloured reef fish and coral formations.


LOCATION: 1100km north of Perth via National Route 1.

CAMPING is available within the park at Kurrajong, North Kurrajong, Neds, North Mandu, Osprey Bay, Tulki Creek and Yardie Creek campgrounds for $10 per night. Bookings should be made online if visiting during peak holiday times in order to avoid disappointment, head online to for more info.

FUEL is available at Exmouth and Carnarvon.

MORE INFO is available at

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