The Love Shack at Red Bluff getting all fired up under a full moon.


There is a thing called scaling symmetry that is best expressed, visually, as a fractal. If you look at any fractal on any scale, certain patterns begin to reëmerge.

The universe is full of self-symmetry: atoms look like solar systems, which look like galaxies…and so on.

When it comes to the idea of evolution, the same kind of scaling symmetry is at work.

While the species plods through millions of years at a time, subtly changing mankind and every other living thing on the planet into who knows what, we go through the same process in our lives, plodding through minutes and days at a time, slowly becoming who knows what before passing the torch of realisation onto the next generation.

Like the Cambrian explosion, there are times and places in a man’s life when the universe affords him the opportunity to evolve at an exponential pace, to change from what he once was into what he might be practically overnight.

For me, it will always be Western Australia. The place is like an incubator for introspection, a catalyst for catharsis. Nowhere else seems to clean out the psychic gutters so well, to make the bed ready for tomorrow’s new self.

– Carlisle


Floating away in Gnaraloo’s blue lagoon.


Dusk sets in at a camp somewhere between Kalbarri and Carnarvon.


Monuments, just north of Tombstones on Gnaraloo Station. That heaving left has likely never been ridden by man…


Setting up camp with a few mates and a killer view. It doesn’t really get much better than this.

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