4WD tracks at Bendley. Pic: Janisa McCormond/

Ask yourself a question – are you happy? Like, really? Not on an existential level… No need to get all heavy, man. But with how you spend your weekends?

Most of us have mowed enough lawns and done enough grocery runs for a lifetime. Let this be the start of something special, life’s short dammit! Bundle up the misso, or mister, and the tin lids, load up the fourby and treat yo’ selves to a week’s end to remember!

If you’re astute enough to’ve set up long term camp in the sunny port capital of South Oz, you’ll be right across the fact that SA surely suffers no dearth of epic offroad options.

Bendleby Ranges is a working station tucked in the winsome folds of the Flinders. It’s barely three hours from town, and it offers a rare pairing.

It’s a legit 4WD spot, you won’t need to worry about being stuck in high range, but it’s got that special something – the look. You know, like a touched-up photo swiped from a Tourism Board brochure.

Waltz yourself on up to one of the ridges overlooking Lake Frome or Wilpena Pound with your special someone as the dipping desert sun sets the crimson scarps ablaze. Pluck a wild spray of scarlet Sturts Desert Pea to tuck behind her ear as you chink flutes of chilled prosecco and you never know your luck.


4WDING: If you can tear yourself away from the romantic vistas for long enough, there’s enough tracks out here to keep you busier than Harvey Weinstein in a hot yoga class.

The shorter training track near the springs can be ploughed through in an hour, but some of the longer tours take near half a day to tick off. Maps of all routes on the property are available on arrival.

TOURS: The property owners host a Sunset Tour that can be arranged on booking, and a number of other operators run guided tag-along tours through the area. Check out and


LOCATION: 320 kays north of Adelaide, access is via RM Williams Way.

CAMPING: Unpowered sites will set you back $20 per adult per night, while powered sites run at $25 per adult per night. Kiddies stay at an additional $5 each per night.

FUEL is available at Orroroo and Jamestown.

MORE INFO is available at

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