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There’s going bush and there’s going bush. Just about anywhere over an hour from home, with at least a semblance of vegetation in evidence, loosely qualifies for the first category.

In order to really get there, to go deep, we’re talking about the truly special places.The Dorrigo Highlands, the luscious mid north NSW coast hinterland, most definitely qualifies.

The enticingly named Waterfall Way is your highway to heaven. You want to hang a left off the Pacific Highway at a spot called Raleigh – just past Nambucca, but south of the Coffs Harbour motor inn muster.

The landscape changes immediately and dramatically. There’s plenty to see before you even make it out to the ancient jungle choked hills of Dorrigo itself.

The route loosely follows the pristine Bellinger River, and the buzzing little port town of Bellingen is absolutely worthy of a pitstop.

Take a detour out to Gleniffer to visit the burbling Promised Land Creek and if you can factor in the extra time to continue inland to Ebor, you’ll unlock a trove of unreal trout fishing opportunities in the magnificent mountain streams and tributaries of the Guy Fawkes River.


4WDING: The Waterfall Way is a sealed route and the driving is gentle until you hit some of the muddy tracks out around Ebor. The region receives a lot of rainfall, so plan for plenty of mud when you hit the side tracks.

DORRIGO NATIONAL PARK: Home to the Crystal Shower, Tristiana and Red Cedar Falls. Definitely factor in a visit to the famous rainforest Skywalk. The park is located 580km north of Sydney and 5km west of the town of Dorrigo.

BELLINGEN is a little town on the Bellinger River that absolutely warrants a coffee or lunch stop. If you’d like to stop overnight, campsites are available at the Bellingen Showground.


LOCATION: The access point to this gorgeous stretch of hinterland is Raleigh on the Pacific Highway, mid way between Coffs Harbour and Urunga, approximately 520km north of Sydney.

CAMPING is available at Thungutti Campground, which is equipped with toilets and showers, running water and a cooking shelter with gas barbeques.

FUEL and supplies is available at either end of the route in the cities of Coffs Harbour and Armidale, as well as in the towns of Bellingin and Dorrigo.

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