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Yeagurup’s a bumper spot for time-poor Perthlings to escape to for a quick hit of proper offroading. You’re looking at tackling a 330km stretch of highway heading due south from the city to reach your destination.

While it’s in range of an overnight mission, it’s best to allow yourself a couple of days to explore the sparsely populated beach and the constantly shifting sands of the famous dune system that has kept this spot on the map for west coast 4WDers.

Marri Campground is the spot to roll out a swag or set up basecamp for a couple of nights. It’s a popular area so you shouldn’t expect to have the place wholly to yourself, but crowds shouldn’t be a real issue outside of school holidays and long weekends.


4WDING: The sprawling dune system is the major drawcard out here when it comes to proper 4WDing. The dunes rise out of the surrounding forest, which they’re slowly swallowing. The track from the dunes down to Warren Beach is around 2km, and another 4km to the Calcup Hill turnoff.

THE BEACH: A steep descent takes you down to the beach, which peels off endlessly to the west, offering plenty of room for private exploration. Heading east from the beach entry point is a 3km beach run which brings you to the mouth of the Warren River.

SANDBOARDING amongst the steeper dunes is perennially popular with the kids – and a great way to tire them out!


LOCATION: 330km south of Perth, access to Yeagurup is via State Route 2, Bussell Highway and Vasse Highway.

CAMPING is available at the Marri Campground. There are no bookings taken, so it’s a good idea to arrive early during peak season. Toilets and picnic tables are provided, although visitors are advised to bring drinking water and to carry out all rubbish.

FUEL is available at Pemberton and Northcliffe.

MORE INFO is available at

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