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The mysterious Diesel Particulate Filter.


I have a new 200 Series Sahara and I’m thinking about doing a ‘DPF Delete’ and tune. What do you reckon?

Stephen Benasa.


Hey Stephen,

Firstly, the DPF delete is illegal so I can’t tell you to do it.

I have heard of heavy fines if you are caught without the DPF and I have also heard that the shop that does it can also be heavily fined.

It will most likely void the warranty on the vehicle as well.

The DPF is in the exhaust system and its function is to reduce emissions. Whether there are problems with some of them or not, as a 4WDer I don’t understand why you would delete it.

We always preach about taking your rubbish home with you when out in the bush, and not digging up the tracks. Why delete a DPF, which is something that will help to look after the atmosphere? I’m not saying I’m perfect but this I don’t understand.

A tune, on the other hand, yeah OK, there are a lot out there now that are performing well. I would just suggest not to go too full-on with it and find someone that will do a sensible tune.

There have been a few that I have seen recently blowing black smoke until the turbo kicks in. I would suggest that this may also void warranty though.

The tune would just make the DPF cycle more often I would imagine.

Hope that helps.



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