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Qualified mechanic Adam Adler has spent half his life under the bonnet of a 4WD and has worked for some of the top accessory companies and workshops. He knows what it takes to get your vehicle out there and back home in one piece. He runs the online aftermarket store www.nutsabout4WD.com.au


Hey Adam,

Up until now I‘ve been camping with just an esky and ice. I am fairly new to it all and usually go away for only an overnight trip so this has worked well for me.
I’m now hoping to upgrade a few things and I want to fit a dual battery under the bonnet. Do you have any advice for me before I do it?

Thank you,



Hi Glenn,

Firstly I am unsure of what 4WD you have but it will totally depend on the vehicle’s system.

With most of the older 4WD’s, using a standard isolator system will work fine, something like the Redarc Sbi12. But the newer systems have heat sensing and smart alternators of which you would need to use a different system like the Redarc BCDC range.

Battery choice is also key. You will be restricted to the size of the battery you will be able to fit due to the auxiliary battery tray size and specified weight that the tray is rated to.

Fitting a battery under the bonnet will also restrict battery choice to mainly a lead acid type deep cycle battery. An AGM battery is susceptible to heat and most companies will not warrant an AGM battery if it is exposed to heat. The AGM batteries are also much heavier and will usually exceed the rated weight of the battery tray.

I would advise you to research this a bit more and either give Redarc a call on their technical advice line to discuss the correct fitment for your 4WD model, or contact me with more details, as I am always happy to find the correct information you need.

Go nuts!


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