Sunset over Lake Mungo. Pic: Ian Brown,

Although Lake Mungo and the surrounding spoils of the Mungo National Park lay clearly on New South Welsh soil, this one’s a favoured option for Melbournian offroaders attempting to score an offroad fix in a single weekend get-out.

The parched lakebeds and ochre-toned dunes are seriously spectacular. The sort of landscape that’s like siren song to those who view the world through apertures and glass lenses.

The region is home to a handful of pretty extraordinary archeological treasures. Taking a 4WD tour led by one of the experienced local guides is a fantastic way to see the sites while learning something too.


4WDING: The 70km Mungo Loop Track is the best way to check out all of the park’s top sites and take in the scenery. The starting point is by the visitor cntre in the Walls of China section of the park.

THE WALLS OF CHINA are the famous crescent-shaped dune features around the dried lake outskirt. They can be visited on tag along tours that are run from the visitor centre during school holidays.

MUNGO MAN is the name of the oldest human skeleton discovered in Australia, an important archeological relic unearthed within the park. Mungo Woman is the name of the oldest ritually cremated relics in the country, also uncovered within the park.


LOCATION: Mungo National Park is located 580km north of Melbourne, access is via route M79.

The park is located 1000km inland of Sydney, with access via route M31 and the Sturt Highway.

CAMPING is available at the park’s Main Campground, which is equipped with toilet and shower blocks, picnic tables and barbeques. Park fees of $8.50 per adult per night and $4 per child per night apply.

FUEL is available at Wentworth, Mildura and Balranald.

MORE INFO is available at

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