In this line of work, you quickly come to appreciate the luxury of high quality power when travelling remotely.

The sort of places we end up shooting content for this magazine don’t come equipped with power mains.

It’s often necessary to charge up cameras and drones while out in the field, then dump and upload photos and file copy while still on the road.

It can be easy to take this freedom for granted when you’ve got a new ArkPak 730P powering your mobile office, and we have been using this sweet little unit for the last nine months.

ArkPak battery boxes have been around for eons and there are plenty of converts using them to power campsites around the country, but this latest iteration, the 730P, really steps it up to a new level.

Equipped with the new AP730P 300W pure sine wave inverter, you can now use your ArkPak to run and charge sensitive, expensive electronics without fear of overcharging or damage.

This tough little unit weighs in at less than 5kg and is surprisingly compact at 240mm wide x 440mm long x 327mm high. It’ll fit just about anywhere in your 4WD and you can pull it out when you require power on the go.

The 730P will house batteries up to 130 amp hours and can be recharged via AC-DC and DC-DC in-car charging, 240V mains power, your portable solar panel array or by Anderson plug.

As well as the newly incorporated 300W pure sine wave inverter, the 730P ArkPak features a 5V USB socket, duel 12V accessory sockets, a 50 amp Anderson socket plus external battery terminals.

This is a next generation battery box with built-in low voltage cut out, manual isolator switch, time tracker technology plus a battery management system and seven stage smart charging system to protect your delicate equipment.

If you’re looking for a robust power solution but don’t require a pure sine wave inverter, check out the specs for the ArkPak 715 and ArkPak 730 models at www.arkcorp.com.au





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