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Qualified mechanic Adam Adler has spent half his life under the bonnet of a 4WD and has worked for some of the top accessory companies and workshops. He knows what it takes to get your vehicle out there and back home in one piece. He runs the online aftermarket store


Hi Adam,

Are you still making the rear wheel bag? A mate of mine told me you were the guy to hit up. What’s the difference between a good one and an average one, what should I be looking for?

– Cade, Blacktown, NSW


Hi Cade,

Yes we still have our Nuts Rear Wheel Bag in stock and ready for sale. We have two sizes in our range.

What makes a good bag? Well, there are a number of things. The material it is made from should be nice and strong and of a rip stop material.

The material should be easily washable. When you wash out the bags there should be drain holes so the water isn’t trapped.

The design of the bag is also important. It should have as much room as possible for either rubbish or storage. We have designed ours with a huge centre bag and then two huge side pockets that will fit dirty recovery gear inside them.

The fitment of the bag is key. We have seen a number of high profile rear wheel bags fall down and some even dragging along the ground behind the 4WD. We have designed ours with a large hood that will actually hold the bag in position and stop it from moving.

Ours Nuts Rear Wheel Bag is versatile. It has a slot at the top of the hood this means we can mount the bag over the top of a set of Maxtrax or even a high lift jack and it is also reinforced on the back of the bag so when mounted on top of accessories it will not rub through.

There are a lot on the market and all at different prices. In general the bigger brands are better and are made from thicker, stronger materials.

I would definitely suggest having a look at a few but I can tell you I designed ours because we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted.



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