It’s no secret that 70 Series LandCruiser owners mean business. 70 Series utes, wagons and troopcarriers are some of the most capable rigs on the market, but when you’re driving in the toughest possible conditions, who wouldn’t welcome a little extra edge?

On the back of popular demand, aftermarket heros ARB have released an Air Locker to replace the factory locker in the rear diff of the 70 Series.

ARB Air Lockers can be activated at any speed, which offers a huge advantage to offroaders tackling tricky terrain as it negates the need to come to a stop in a difficult situation, while enabling drivers to traverse difficult tracks at a slow and controlled pace without worrying about washing away momentum.

The new ARB Air Locker connects up seamlessly to the 70 Series Cruiser’s factory switch and offers drivers that extra edge and confidence to push themselves and their vehicles further.

Available now as of March 2020. Visit your local ARB outlet to check ‘em out.

RRP $1095 (east coast metro)


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