Dreaming of an offroad tourer packing comfort and clout in equal measure? The mighty 200 Series LandCruiser ticks plenty of boxes…

Though, as anyone who’s prepped for a proper long haul stint living out of a 4WD would be well aware, adding any additional weight to a vehicle can most certainly impact upon its comfort, steering and braking.

Long-term tourers must balance the ability to live out of one’s vehicle, with the requirement to abide by its factory sanctioned GVM. A fine balancing act, to be sure.

Luckily, Old Man Emu are well attuned to the needs of hardcore tourers, and have recently released a new Stage Two GVM upgrade for 200 Series LandCruisers.

The Old Man Emu Stage One GVM upgrade provides a 300kg capacity increase, while the new Stage Two offering allows for a 665kg total increase over factory GVM.

Suitable for all 200 Series variants and available now, 200 Series drivers should get in touch with their local ARB outlet for inquiries or to arrange fitment.


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