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Lucky Bay’s one of those rare iconic spots that just about anyone in the country with a fourbie and a sense of adventure would recognise in a heartbeat. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never been within 3000km of the place, its postcard perfect beauty is instantly recognisable.

The bay is located within West Oz’s Cape le Grand National Park, and boasts one of the most sought after campgrounds in the west. The park is about 55km out of the town of Esperance, although being over 700 clicks removed from Perth, crowds are usually manageable outside of school holiday season.

While sites in the campground are highly sought after, there’s over five kilometres of perfect glistening white beachfront to explore, so you’ll well and truly have plenty of space to yourself while reconnoitering the gorgeous strip.


4WDING: With a glut of coastal real estate to explore, Lucky Bay is like a sort of beach driving fantasy. The crunchy sand here is unusually hard packed and a pleasure to drive upon. If you’re travelling solo, it makes sense to take the usual precautions and keep aware of tides and carry a shovel and set of MAXTRAX.

FISHING: The long arcing beach provides ample opportunity for a spot of solo beach angling. Aussie salmon are a reliable target in these waters almost year round. Pilchard fillets work well for the smaller sized fish, which often school up in big numbers, while whole pillies rigged on a set of gang hooks can help attract the larger specimen.


LOCATION: 55km from Esperance, within the Cape le Grand National Park. Approximately 775km southeast of Perth.

CAMPING is available at the Lucky Bay campground at a cost of $11 per adult and $3 per child per night. Toilets, showers, barbeques and picnic tables are provided. There is camper trailer and caravan access and wood fires are permitted, although firewood can be scarce so it is a good idea to bring your own.

FUEL is available at Esperance.

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