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Get some sand in your tread.


G’day Adam,

I’m heading across to Beachport in a month and I haven’t done any beach driving before, have you got any tips for a guy with very little experience in the sand?

Thank you,

Jake Cesarin.


Hi Jake,

Sure thing,

Don’t be afraid to drop your tyre pressures into the mid teens and in some cases even down to 10psi works well.

If you have to turn around, turn from the soft sand down to the harder sand which will help but also take large wide circles as really low tyre pressures can roll off the bead when turning sharp.

Definitely have a set of Maxtrax or better still a nearby mate in another 4WD.

If you break traction, stop driving straight away, or you will only dig yourself deeper into a hole.

There are also a few safety things with beach work and sand driving. You will need a sand flag and make sure you know what is on the other side of a dune. I have seen some close calls where people have nearly driven off the edge of a drop off on the other side of a dune.

Make sure that you also check the tides too.



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