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Qualified mechanic Adam Adler has spent half his life under the bonnet of a 4WD and has worked for some of the top accessory companies and workshops. He knows what it takes to get your vehicle out there and back home in one piece. He runs the online aftermarket store


G’day Adam,

2018 Hilux, love it to death. Want to keep resale value on it. Haven’t done a lot of beach work in it, but probably will towards the end of summer.

What’s the best way to rust protect? Lanolin and fish oil? Can you do it yourself? Couplertec? Or is it all in the post beach clean up?

Sorry for the basic question mate, I’m a bit of a beach driving novice.

Keith Thornton, Virginia, Q.


Hi Keith,

Beach work is plenty of fun, couple that up with fishing and it’s a great weekend. However, it’s something I personally shy away from due to the salt.

I do have a few suggestions. I would be painting the chassis and areas of the underbody of the Hilux with an under body protection. After that I would be soaking it in either lanolin or a fish oil that has no odour.

I would also be fitting up a Couplertec Electronic Rustproofing system as well. I have a case of a vehicle fitted with one in Ulladulla which never had rust in it despite being on the coast.

Saying all of that, after every trip I would be soaking and washing the underneath of the 4WD a number of times. There is also a wash you can get that is meant to neutralise salt. Make sure you get the hose into all of the hard to get areas especially through the chassis.

Hope that helps



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