The Idrive. Get up and go, all in a simple little device.

I’m waiting on barwork at the moment – the Kaymar rear bar and some ARB side steps and scrub rails – so in the interim I’m concentrating on solving some of the smaller parts of this build…

One of the little ticks we can get from turbo diesel engines is a slight flat spot or turbo lag on takeoff as the turbos spool up.

To negate this idiosyncrasy, in the past l have supplied and fitted scores of iDrive’s for my customers, so now I’m stoked to finally be able to fit one to my own 4WD.

This little box is magic. It seems to do the impossible and as far as bang-for-your-buck goes, the outlay is so worth it.

Fitting one of these is dead easy too. It’s just a case of unplugging the electrical plug on the accelerator pedal and plugging the connections between.

The device sticks onto the dash, and then it just needs to be set for either a manual or an automatic vehicle.

It has different modes – Economy, Automatic or what is called Ultimate. Within these modes they go through stages from 0 – 9.

One of these fitted up and set to U-9 provides you with a pedal response that snaps you firmly into your seat. On some vehicles, the wheels even spin on takeoff.

So what’s the box actually do? Well, the iDrive provides a much faster response time when pressing the accelerator and thus can transform your entire offroad experience.

iDrive Australia have recently branched out a little. They also offer a Bluetooth Battery Monitor and a GPS Tracker that I’m fitting to the 200 Series as well.

This is a cheap little device that works off 12V power and a simple pre-paid sim card. They say the sim will work for one year on $15, so it’s cheap to run and to have that piece of mind.

You can then log onto an app and see exactly where your 4WD is at anytime as long as you have WIFI for the app.

I have also fitted one of these because I want to make sure my wife doesn’t take my 200 when I’m not looking. I’ll finish up the Bluetooth Battery Monitor once I have finished all my electricals.

As I have said from the beginning of this build I am going to build this 200 Series to my exact wish list, and this iDrive has been on my list since the beginning.






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