Narva get on board the 200 Series project.

At camp for a couple of nights in Wentworth – Fort Courage Caravan Park – for a fishing comp along the Murray River.

By Adam Adler

I’ve always had an idea of how I wanted my 200 Series to look. So far, it’s all coming together with all the accessories I imagined in my head. If I drew a picture of my rig it would be exactly as it stands at the moment.

I do a lot of night driving. Every trip I always leave after work on a Friday night, so for me a good set of lights is essential.

On all my previous 4WD’s, the old Hilux and the Patrol, I had Narva lighting.

Thus, when it came to the new build I always pictured it with the Narva Ulitma 215’s sitting on top of the ARB bulbar, and a set of light bars under the Rhino Rack.

With this type of vehicle and its purchase price, the lights we fit also need to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s no good for the lights to make the vehicle look like a bogan machine. The lights need to sit nicely and enhance the 4WD.

The Explora light bars tuck nicely under the rack to keep the sleek look that you would expect from an expensive build.

I have fitted a lot of these Narva 215s for customers. After fitting them I have switched them on and found the light output to be amazing.

The build quality is solid, even the brackets. The light housing feels sturdy but the way these lights disperse the heat from the LEDs makes them so much more efficient.

Heat is the big killer with LEDs and Narva have invested time and money into the requisite R&D to produce the ultimate light. They also come with different internal rings so you can customise the colour to suit the vehicle if you would like, but my picture always had them in the standard colour with the blue insert.

Not only have I fitted the spotties, I have also fitted two of the Explora light bars under the roof rack, side by side. I find the light they throw works a lot nicer when it comes to lighting the scrub, while the 215s throw light a little wider and further down the tracks.

I will also be adding a couple of the Narva LED work lamps to the side of the Rhino Rack to help around the campsite.

How are the lights performing? Well, first go, last weekend, I went camping up on the Murray. Coming into camp the road was littered with hundreds of erratic roos, the lights allowed us plenty of scope to slow down in time. They’ve probably paid for themselves already.

I really can’t tell you how good it feels to be getting through the build and for it to be exactly what I dreamt.

Driving this 200 Series is the ultimate. I’m liking this build so much more with each addition.




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