We’re absolutely on board with the idea of treating yourself to at least a couple of proper square meals per day out in the bush. You’re supposed to be out there enjoying yourself, after all. There’s no need to be living off of baked bean tins and two-minute noodles!

But… the prospect of having to deal with a heap of dirty dishes at the end of a meal around camp is a real drag. It’s enough to bring out the lazy side in the best of us.

Every now and then, however, someone comes up with a meal idea that manages to perfectly marry taste with convenience. Just like this bell-ringer of a brekky option submitted by Kyle Findlay.

Now Kyle assures us he can’t take credit for coming up with the old brekky in a bag. It’s been around for years. But he’s tried it a heap of different ways and assured us it tasted as good as any traditionally prepared version.

He reckons he’d make them at home if his missus would let him.

We gave Kyle’s recipe a crack on an overnight custom vehicle shoot and the crew all scored it a big thumbs up. Down with dirty dishes.


Four eggs

Half a cup of grated cheese

Half a cup chopped shallots

Two slices of ham diced finely


Whisk your eggs in a mixing bowl before pouring into a resealable bag

Add your diced ham, shallots and shredded cheese

Seal bag and mix ingredients together, before slightly opening bag to remove excess air

Bring a medium sized pot of water to the boil over your campfire coals or camp stove

Remove pot from heat and wait for water to stop boiling before carefully lowering bag into the water and cooking for approximately 12 minutes

Remove bag with a set of tongs, carefully open and slide omelette straight onto plate


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