Sean Scott’s on a mission. And it’s taking him down every gravel rabbit hole, forestry path and overgrown farming track.

He’s spent so much of the last five years wandering the bush in his trusty Toyota that his brain has become a topographical map. It sees rivers, it sees scarps, it sees swamps, it sees headlands. And it locates the best of it all like a homing missile.

These are the unnamed co-ordinates on the map that lure the curious mind. These are the stunning natural sights that give us a certified case of the ‘piss shivers’. These are the places where you can bask in the hidden corners of Australia and inhale the spirit of the land.

Just you and your kin, your rig, and enough supplies to make it another day to find another destination and do it all again.

Of course, more than you and I, Sean is also chasing light. As one of the land’s most celebrated landscape photogs, he thirsts for the kind of light that illuminates and reverberates.

When it comes to chasing solitude, adventure and light, there are few places as ripe as the out-of-season East Coast tropics.

Sometimes Sean will sit by some remote campfire and pen a piece on what’s happened during his latest sortie, and sometimes he just fires us a crisp batch of images with extended captions.

To be honest, we’re OK with either option. When the subject matter’s this rich, sometimes it’s best to lay out a nice lush spread with as little text as possible. And here we are.

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