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Campfire Cooking


Those of us that like to have our brisket and eat it too have wrapped our heads around the idea of carting a portable barbie along on camping trips. The payoff of home quality grilled meals while parked out bush is just too good to pass up.

Trackside Mechanic

Popping A Bead

Tyre pressure is the key to most of our 4WDing traction. The first thing most people will do is air down before they head offroad. As we all know, airing down will give the tyre more surface area on the track as well as help protecting the tyre from punctures and softening the suspension. Keeping traction will also help to “tread lightly” and stop excessive erosion of the environment.

Redarc Product tool
High Voltage 12V Advice

REDARC Product Education Tool

REDARC have created a handy little bit of kit, and we thought you’d enjoy a look around. It’s a new product education tool using their REDARC Hiluxs that showcases the purpose, and interconnectivity, of their killer products. Here’s what REDARC have to say about it: “The purpose of these tours...