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4WD Touring Australia – Australia’s best offroad travel magazine and TV show

4WD Touring Australia

Featuring iconic destinations like the Kimberley, High Country and Cape York, we are dedicated to celebrating every corner of this country. Published monthly, each issue of the magazine is a visual adventure presenting the best travel photography, inspirational touring stories and reviews of tents, camper trailers and offroad caravans. We only add the highest quality touring accessories to our 4WDs, and advise our readers to do the same.

As seasoned travellers, we share what we have learnt from our years touring the country, from the beaches to the high country to the deserts and beyond. We give the good oil on the necessities and practicalities of a life lived beyond the bitumen. We bring our readers to the outback and the outback to our readers, and are driven by a restless spirit to explore and discover the beauty of this country.

The 4WD Touring Australia brand family includes the monthly magazine, our weekly TV show on OneHD and Foxtel channel 183, plus our full TV series is available across 4 DVDs.

We work with our clients to create bespoke advertising campaigns. To see a few of our projects go to www.carlislerogers.com.au

Carlisle Rogers – Publisher, Photographer

As a much younger man, Carlisle Rogers fell in love with Australia while on holidays from the United States, travelling the east coast in a banged up 4WD full of surfboards. He has been living in Australia for over 15 years now, travelling around Australia by 4WD, writing and photographing the country and its people.

With over 15 years of experience as a journalist and photographer, Carlisle has freelanced for some of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers and  magazines including: The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Rolling Stone, Australian Geographic and Outback magazine.
As a magazine editor, he took Bauer Media’s (ACP) Camper Trailer Australia magazine from a one-shot to the fastest growing magazine in the country.
With that success behind him, he wanted to fulfill his dream: create a magazine and TV show devoted to the pursuit of ‘Living the Dream’. In 2012, Carlisle founded 4WD Touring Australia magazine and TV show, both dedicated to exploring the best destinations in Australia and bringing them into the hearts and homes of readers and viewers.
Within the last few years, he has travelled over 100,000 outback kilometres, published 42 issues of the magazine and filmed four action-packed series of television.
Carlisle still travels extensively around Australia, from coast to coast and just about everywhere between, photographing the country for the magazine while directing, producing and hosting the TV show…living his dream.

For more information on Carlisle and his work visit www.carlislerogers.com.au

Carlisle Rogers

The 4WD Touring Australia Team

Jimmy O’Keefe
– Editor, Sunshine Coast

Jimmy joins the 4WD Touring Australia team with a long and successful background across outdoor titles, including the masthead of Surfing Life, where he oversaw the magazine, website and film unit.
Over the years, this traveling editor and journalist has written for over 40 international titles and has built a reputation for authenticity in telling the great Australian stories.
The only thing Jimmy’s more passionate about than working on great magazines, is filling them with inspirational and functional content that keeps us all on the road, even when we’re at home.

Pat Williams
– Assistant Editor, Sydney

Pat is 4WD Touring Australia’s Assistant Editor and resident fishing fanatic. He spends most weekends living out of his car somewhere on the New South Wales coast, and goes on an annual offroad fishing trip to Cape York.
He’s also backpacked around much of southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Pat’s passion for coastal touring is infectious.

Adam Adler
– Trackside Mechanic, Columnist, Melbourne

Qualified motor mechanic Adam Adler has spent half his life under the bonnet of a 4WD and has worked for some of the top accessory companies and workshops. He knows what it takes to get your vehicle out there and back home in one piece. He runs the online aftermarket store www.nutsabout4wd.com.au out of ADM Motors in Caulfield, VIC. He pens the column Trackside Mechanic and Ask the Expert each month for 4WD Touring Australia.